Tuesday 13 March 2018Running a Spring Marathon – top reasons to include sports massage in your regime

Our Sports Massage therapist Maria has run 150 marathons and 30 ULTRA-marathons, so she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to looking after your body. She’s also ‘running’ (sorry, couldn’t resist) a Sports Massage Special Offer of £10 off from now until after the Brighton Marathon (20th April) – please share this with any runners you know…. Read more »

Thursday 6 July 2017The Healthy Business Hub – The Power of Storytelling

At last month’s Healthy Business Hub we had a night of inspirational storytelling. To introduce us to storytelling for business we had a talk from Kate Taylor and to perfectly complement this we had a pop up promotion from visual storyteller Sophie Sheinwald with Guest Host and Aromatherapist Claire Robilliard sharing her own successes of… Read more »

Wednesday 7 June 2017You’re Nobody’s Tribute Act: The #comparisonfree Masterclass

Last week brought to The Healthy Business Hub a warm and funny speaker who began by telling us that she probably had the most niche job title ever. Lucy Sheridan had come to give us a masterclass in going comparison free with her motivational talk called, You’re Nobody’s Tribute Act.   Wading straight in, Lucy… Read more »