Friday 1 August 2014Due to popular demand: 20% off continues in August!

Sizzling Summer Sale!

Our offer throughout July has proved so popular we’re reluctant to take it away from you! So the sizzling sale continues, with 20% off for all our new and existing clients visiting us in August – for not just one but TWO new treatments! If you’ve visited us before, you’ll just need to book in… Read more »

Tuesday 1 April 2014Brighton Marathon – Run for your money!

From a therapeutic point of view BHT takes a keen interest in the Brighton Marathon; helping shape, prepare and ease runners through the training process with a variety of therapies such as sports massage, sports therapy, deep tissue, nutrition and hypnotherapy. As well as preparing the body for the gruelling 26 miles, runners must also… Read more »

Saturday 15 March 2014Mums the Word – The Power of Motherhood

“No-one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you are on the only one who knows what the beat of my heart sounds like from the inside”-Unknown   Until you have a child of your own, the true meaning of selflessness isn’t fully understood. The decision to become a… Read more »

Saturday 1 February 2014Eat your way to better mental health…

We now live in a world where every day stressors (stress) and pressure is common place. Having a small amount of pressure in our lives can help to keep us motivated, but long term stress is one of the main contributing factors to many serious health conditions of the present day. Whilst there are many… Read more »

Thursday 5 December 2013What a year it has been…

As Christmas draws near, twinkly lights and decorations here at BHT lend a warm glow to the clinic and we can’t help but fall willingly into the festive spirit. Looking back over the last year, it certainly has been a cracker… (That was the first and last Christmas joke, we promise!) …and it looks as… Read more »

Wednesday 6 November 2013Coconut Oil: What’s the story?

Coconut oil is shooting up the super foods list right now, with alleged health benefits that have seen top models and a host of A-list celebs ditching their oils, lotions and potions in favour of a simple jar of coconut oil. Miranda Kerr is said to consume at least a tablespoonful a day which she… Read more »