Thursday 5 December 2013What a year it has been…

As Christmas draws near, twinkly lights and decorations here at BHT lend a warm glow to the clinic and we can’t help but fall willingly into the festive spirit. Looking back over the last year, it certainly has been a cracker… (That was the first and last Christmas joke, we promise!) …and it looks as… Read more »

Wednesday 6 November 2013Coconut Oil: What’s the story?

Coconut oil is shooting up the super foods list right now, with alleged health benefits that have seen top models and a host of A-list celebs ditching their oils, lotions and potions in favour of a simple jar of coconut oil. Miranda Kerr is said to consume at least a tablespoonful a day which she… Read more »

Wednesday 25 September 2013BHT Hearts Hypnotherapy: here’s 10 reasons why!

When you hear the word hypnotherapy what do you think? Do you have visions of being made to cluck like a chicken or something equally embarrassing? Well you wouldn’t be alone in thinking such things. Unfortunately stage hypnotists, films and TV programmes have perpetuated a subverted view of hypnosis that is far from the truth. Hypnotherapy… Read more »

Wednesday 31 July 2013How happy is your baby?

Does your baby seem unsettled? Are you looking for a relaxing, natural way to calm your baby? Craniosacral therapist Deborah’s weekly Mother and Baby clinic could be just what you need, Mondays 9am-1pm at BHT. Read what she has to say about how CST can help settle babies: It’s no wonder that following birth, mum… Read more »

Wednesday 17 July 2013Up, up and away!

It’s the time of year for summer holidays, but is a fear of flying limiting your life? Has it stopped you seeing the places or people you want to see? If the thought of getting on a plane fills you with sheer terror, read what Hypnotherapy and NLP therapist Matthew has to say about treating… Read more »

Wednesday 10 July 2013Calling all new mums!

New mums take note, there is a brand new mother and baby clinic in town just for you! Every Monday 9am-1pm, Deborah is offering Craniosacral therapy at BHT. Read what she has to say about the extraordinary benefits this treatment can have for babies and in turn mums: Birth can be an overwhelming experience for… Read more »