Monday 23 October 2023Smell: A Sense that can be your Wellbeing Superpower!

Smell is such a powerful sense. A scent can take you straight to a moment, and even if you are not familiar with its name you may often say ‘it smells like…’  Throughout history, aroma has been used to support people during palliative care, to help newborn babies to feed, and even to lift someone… Read more »

Tuesday 12 September 2023Find Your Therapy Home

At Brighton & Hove Therapies, we believe that the perfect space to work from is never ‘just a treatment room’. It’s so much more than that. It’s about the community of therapists you’re part of. The space you work from should be like a home for your practice – where you feel totally at ease,… Read more »

Monday 17 April 2023Would you like to join us at Brighton & Hove Therapies?

At Brighton & Hove Therapies, we think of ourselves as being more than just a place where people come for treatments. We put all of our energy into making sure our clients feel safe, listened to, and genuinely accepted for who they are. Our ethos is all about authenticity, inclusivity and compassion, and our therapists… Read more »

Sunday 5 December 2021Happy Birthday to us – We’re 10 today!

Back when B&HT first opened ten years ago today (5th December 2011), I could never have imagined that we’d reach this point. Thinking back to all the lovely therapists I’ve had the privilege to work with, the two years of running our Healthy Business Hub networking events, and keeping the clinic running during a pandemic… Read more »

Friday 26 June 2020Are you a Therapist? Join our Community

We are happy to announce that some of our beautiful rooms are available to you. We have gone above and beyond to create the safest and most reassuring clinic space, both for practitioners and clients, including: FREE add-on time to help you set up, prepare and sanitise in-between treating clients, enabling you to offer a… Read more »

Wednesday 1 May 2019An Inspirational Volunteer at Brighton’s Marathon

Brighton Mitre CC Women Maria, Suzanne and Isobel prior to the marathon

What an inspiring account by Well-being Practitioner and Sports Massage Therapist, Maria Pali about volunteering, in particular, at this year’s Brighton Marathon. Read on to find out why her role felt so important and such a privilege. Volunteering with a Difference 2019 is turning out to be my year of volunteering. So far I’ve, volunteered at parkrun… Read more »