Saturday 1 December 2012Gift vouchers for Christmas

Whether it’s for pure relaxation or treating a specific ailment, our newly-designed BHT gift vouchers make ideal gifts for friends, family and lovers this Christmas. We now have over 30 therapies available, and vouchers can be used towards any of these, so the lucky recipient can choose which they feel they most need. Pop in… Read more »

Feel beautiful, inside and out (with 25% off!)

Christmas party season is undeniably upon us, and while we’re all about looking after ourselves (and you) from the inside out with all our hands-onand talking therapies, there’s no denying that a little TLC to the outside can work wonders to our confidence and self-esteem. From December, just in time to help make you feel your best… Read more »

Wednesday 31 October 2012The qi of food

Time to start looking at food in a different way? Our Acupuncturist Katy Muncey has this to say: Food, like everything in the universe (according to Chinese philosophy) has an energetic quality to it. I don’t mean the energetic value of the food in the Western sense (i.e. how many calories it contains), but the… Read more »