Becky Rui at the Healthy Business Hub 25 July 2018

At our summer event thanks to a talk by Becky Rui we found out about personal branding, using photography to connect with our ideal clients. Becky wanted us to find the courage to be ‘bravely visible’ so we can grow sustainably and do great work in the world with confidence.


Becky Rui at Brighton and Hove Therapies July event 2018

~ Becky Rui at Brighton and Hove Therapies July event 2018 ~

Beforehand Becky posed this question:
What challenges (if any) do you face around personal branding, using photography, promoting yourself online, reaching your ideal clients?

It was a great night and to complete the process Becky gave us a list of take-aways, shared below so that even if you didn’t attend the event you can gain an insight into Becky’s brand of truthful marketing and business photography.

B&HT Therapist Hannah West at Brighton and Hove Therapies July event 2018

~ B&HT Therapist Hannah West at Brighton and Hove Therapies July event 2018 ~

Becky Rui’s Key Insights

1. Why is photography important?

The world is a very visual place and our online presence has never been more important. So much business now begins in the online realm, so having great visual aids alongside everything you share is one of the fastest ways to really connect (e.g. website banners, social media posts, business cards, flyers etc). Posts and pages with images are much more engaging and show up in Google searches etc more readily.

2. How does the image you’re using affect the way you interact online?

When you have an image of yourself on your website/social media that you love and that represents you authentically, it gives you so much more confidence to show up online and talk about what you do. Your photos don’t just affect the way that you’re seen by your clients, prospects and followers, but it affects the way you feel about your own brand and visibility. When you love the photos you’re using, it gives you so much more confidence to interact, share, promote your great work.

3. What if I show up as myself?

Many of us have an idea of how we are ’supposed’ to be in our businesses if we want to be successful, and worry that if we are just ‘ourselves’ it might not be good enough. That can be reflected in all aspects of our business including the photos we use in our branding. Releasing the ‘avatar’ of the person you think you should be, and allowing your truth to come through, allowing the foundations of your business to align with your real values is essential in order for your work and marketing to be sustainable and fulfilling. If we are honest and real and share what is interesting to us, it will resonate with people who are like us, and that’s who we want to be working with. It will filter out people who are not a good match for us, and even though that can feel like a scary idea, it’s much better in the long run because you build a stronger client base of people you’re aligned with and are less likely to attract clients who don’t resonate with you. If you’re trying to create an identity in your personal brand that is not the true you, its going to be really draining, really hard to come up with content to share. It’s going to take a lot of energy to maintain it and it won’t feel fun or exciting to you. In my opinion, personal branding should not be about crafting some avatar of who you think you need to be to be successful or basing it on how you want to be perceived… but rather it is about ALLOWING your realness, your truth, your natural way – to paint that representation of you. I believe that having a strong personal brand is actually a byproduct of really going for your business with integrity, following your own inspiration, delivering an excellent service to your clients, and having a consistent reputation in your community, at every touch point people have with you.

4. Your headshot/profile pic is the most important image –

It’s what people see when they first come to your site/page/profile so should be immediately engaging, have the energy you bring to your clients, should clearly show your face, and ideally be consistent across your various platforms to show consistency, activity and that you care about your clients experience your work. Storytelling shots are great for visually representing what you do and give a feel for your work and energy, and are so much better than using generic stock photos. Selfies, phone snaps etc are amazing too for sharing more informally what you’re up to day to day, sharing your interests and things you know your clients will love. When we provide a service that’s personal, people need to ‘know, like and trust’ you, and that’s what these images do. We get a lot of engagement when using photos of ourselves because as humans we just want to connect! (selfies etc) and that can help to make you and your business much more visible and allow your prospects to connect with you energetically.

5. To prepare for your shoot or consider what kinds of images you need

Go back to the core of your brand, your why. What do you love about your biz? What are your values? Who’s your ideal client? Where do you work with them? What are the benefits they get from working with you? What’s the ripple effect of your work? Which images you’ve used over the years have created the biggest impact? What shot do you use OVER AND OVER again and need more of? And thinking ahead, where do you want to take your work? Which new services or products will you use? How will you be marketing yourself and how will you need photography?

I work with my clients to explore all of these things together, get to know them and their businesses deeply, map out a shoot that is so true to them and create imagery they love and are proud to use. I supply them with an online library that serves them now, and as they step into the next chapter of their business and how they’re moving forward.

If you’d like to speak to Becky and explore how photography can work for your personal brand email her at Click on the link to check out her work at


Vee at Brighton and Hove Therapies July event 2018

~ Vee at Brighton and Hove Therapies July event 2018 ~

On the night we were also joined by essential oils PUP Veronica. She was on hand to share with us the power of plant medicine. “It’s been one of the more rewarding and fulfilling life choices I’ve made.  I teach workshops on the therapeutic and practical uses of the incredible plant extracts from doTERRA, which are hugely powerful in supporting our physical & emotional health.”

Veronica brought with her some delicious chocs using her doTERRA essential oils to add some natural flavouring. Vee confirmed that doTERRA oils have been approved for use as food flavourings “I don’t know any other brands you can do this with”. Vee used lavender on the night but she told us you could also use peppermint, wild orange, lime, cardamom or ginger.

doTERRA infused bites Brighton and Hove Therapies July event 2018

~ doTERRA infused bites Brighton and Hove Therapies July event 2018 ~

If you’re Healthy Hubber you can find her recipe in the Healthy Business Hub.

To find out more about Vee’s essential oils followthebeetle or find Vee on Insta

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