Would you like to join us at Brighton & Hove Therapies?

At Brighton & Hove Therapies, we think of ourselves as being more than just a place where people come for treatments. We put all of our energy into making sure our clients feel safe, listened to, and genuinely accepted for who they are. Our ethos is all about authenticity, inclusivity and compassion, and our therapists truly embody those values in how they care for their clients.

Finding the right ‘home’ for your practice

It’s a big decision to choose which therapy clinic you work from, or to move your practice from one place to another. I believe that finding the right ‘home’ for your therapy practice and actually feeling proud of where you work is the basis for building success. And that’s why, if reading about our values ignites something in you and makes you think “That’s the kind of place I want to work at!”, maybe we could be the right space for you.

There are two ways of working at B&HT. We like to keep things simple. You can either join us on a flexible basis, meaning you book a room as and when you need to. Or, you can sign up to be one of our regular practitioners, with a weekly slot in your preferred room at a lower hourly rate. Either way, you’ll be part of our friendly and welcoming community of therapists, with access to special benefits, business support and a beautiful space to work from.

NEW! Evening Availability

Just in time for the lighter spring evenings, we have a couple of weekly 6-9pm slots available for either hands-on or talking therapists. This is a really popular time slot as it’s after work for many people, making it that much easier for your clients to book in with you. This time of day often works especially well for massage therapists and talking therapists, as well as if you’re looking to build up your practice while still working in another daytime role.

NEW! Full Day Slots Available

We have a rare opportunity where a full day slot has become available in one of our bright and spacious treatment rooms. Perhaps you’re already a busy practitioner, and you’re looking for a location with exceptional standards and that’s aligned with your values. A place where you feel totally at ease, and proud to bring your clients. As a long-established clinic, we have plenty of experience with making the transition easy for you, whether you’d like to move part or all of your practice over to us.

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