Our 2018 Healthy Biz Hub Roundup

To help support our community of Healthy Business Owners we hosted a series of fascinating talks throughout 2018. From Business Coaches and Business Owners to an incredible Photographer, they generously shared their knowledge, gave encouragement, words of advice and provided lots of takeaway tips.

After each event we shared a summary of the talk on our Blog and below are links to each of these posts in one handy place.

January – Thea Anderson

How to Embrace your Calling

Intuitive Bold Soul Life Coach Thea posed the following questions: What really Matters to you?  What are your gifts? and What are you willing to fight for? Using her own story as a way of looking at these soul searching questions Thea shared her experiences and how they had led her to finding her own calling as a Life Coach. Read the full story here and feel inspired.


Thea Anderson

Thea Anderson


February – Louise George

Create a Business and Life that Gives you Soulfire

In February Life and Success Coach Louise George wanted us to change our perception of how we can achieve success and create it with flow and joy instead of feeling that we need to struggle, compromise and push hard to create a high level of income. We were hooked. Read here to discover her THREE Practical Steps to move forward and become Wise, Wild and Wealthy.


Louise George

Louise George

March – Alice Reeves

Learn to Trust, Ask & Take

Children’s books Author, Marketer and Belongcon event Organiser, the unstoppable Alice Reeves shared the details of a Ted Talk that had profoundly influenced her thinking. Providing us with examples from her own experience she encouraged us to Trust, Ask and Take. Her words resonated with event attendees, click here to find out how you too can benefit.


Alice Reeves

Alice Reeves

May – Lola Hoad

How to be your Own Boss and Still Look After Yourself

The lovely Lola Hoad, Business Owner and Business Community Founder of One Girl Band shared her own hard-won self-care tips. In her quietly commanding way Lola had us all re-assessing our business and life priorities while taking notes to help us find greater balance. We then wrote our notes up in a blog post here, so that you wouldn’t miss out either.


Lola Hoad

Lola Hoad

July – Becky Rui

How to Find the Courage to be Visible with your Brand

The highly talented Photographer Becky Rui (we’re big fans) joined us to help us find the courage to be more visible with our businesses. Becky generously shared in detail her insights in our HBH Facebook Group and here. Read the post to find out why your headshot / profile pic is the most important image to focus on and the answer to the question, what if I show up as myself?


Becky Rui

Becky Rui

September – Kate Taylor

How to Turn Purpose into Profit

Our final speaker was the inspirational Creativity and Empowerment Coach and Creative Business Mentor Kate who joined us to help us connect to our purpose in order to create business and creative opportunities. Funny and switched on, she broke down all those nagging doubts we have with sound advice. Click here so that you too can give yourself the boost you need.


Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor


HBH Christmas Party and Brighton & Hove Therapies 7th Birthday

We had our Christmas party early and it was, we think, a pretty hard act to follow. Full of familiar faces, great pop-up promotions, an amazing raffle for local charity, Impact Initiatives and the best healthy food we could find. Photos on the night were by another fabulous Photographer that we love, Natasha Colyer. We learnt lots about going plastic-free with Harriet’s of Hove, we savoured Pukka Herbs new tasty lattes, admired Marissa’s beautiful hand-made jewellery, tucked in to Lucy’s healthy chocs and swooned over Laura Hoy’s amazing organic and ethical essential oils.  Click here to find out more about these great businesses.


Emily Squires from Impact Initiatives at the Healthy Business Hub Christmas event 2018

The HBH Christmas and B&HT 7th B-day party


Thanks 2018 for such a great line up and hello 2019 for more of the same please.

Leave a comment and let us know what insights you gained during 2018 or tell us what type of speaker you’d like us to book for this year. We’d love your feedback.

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Sophie xx