Louise George at The Healthy Business Hub, Creating a Business & Life that Gives You Soul Fire

In March our re-scheduled February Healthy Business Hub event was about how to Create a Business & Life that Gives You Soul Fire with Louise George. Working as a Life and Success Coach she has accumulated wisdom from researching and working with successful entrepreneurs and joined us on 21st March to share some gems with us.

Louise George at Brighton and Hove Therapies

Louise George at Brighton & Hove Therapies, Healthy Business Hub event

Her intention for the evening was to persuade us that we did not need to struggle, compromise and push hard to create a high level of income. Louise began by assuring us that we could change our perception of how to achieve success and create it with flow and joy instead.

On route to discovering this Louise had developed THREE Practical Steps to follow to move forward and be Wise, Wild and Wealthy.

Read on to find out how to achieve this.

Louise George at Brighton and Hove Therapies

Louise George at Brighton & Hove Therapies

Louise began her story a few years back when her inner mean girl and had taken over her head. She wondered why she was not making more money like her peers who she could see on Facebook. Inspired by her jealousy she made a decision that enough was enough. Her self-talk was no longer serving her and it was making her sick. A fire had been lit inside her and she wanted to put that energy into creating the life she wanted.

She studied successful entrepreneurs and discovered they had invested in people who also had success. Louise’s next step was to invest in some high-level coaching for herself, learning from them in a couple of months she saw her income exceed what she had achieved in the last six months prior to that. Just that investment alone had meant she had had to step up.


Judging or discerning what is true or right… for YOU!

Louise asked us to take part in an exercise –

Sit with feet flat on the floor, with palms facing down on your laps, breathing in a balanced way, steadily inhaling to the count of six and then exhaling to the count of six and close your eyes.

This is how Louise starts every day. A daily practise where she inhales and exhales steadily to create inner alignment. She explained “dis-ease comes from being out of alignment, from not being aligned with who we really are. The old paradigm of force and struggle no longer holds true. By taking time to connect with ourselves we can identify what really feels right for our business, instead of listening to a mental chatter telling us about all the things we should be doing”.

We were invited to likewise start our day with this breathing practise and tune into ourselves fully before taking in all the other messages we consume. The latest neuroscience studies have shown that not only do we have a head brain, but a heart brain and a gut brain. The breathing exercise enables us to start our day in a balanced and aligned state and connect to all three intelligences and by doing so connect with our own truth. This then leads to soulful success in our lives by making empowered decisions using all three intelligences of our head, heart and gut and by doing that living our best life.


Living in a state of nature.

Being out in nature Louise admitted lights her up, helping her feel alive, creative and inspired. We were asked to likewise consider what lights us up in this way and incorporate that into our lives. Successful Entrepreneurs start each day with themselves. We were asked to share whether the first thing we do each day is to go on social media. Louise explained how this sets us up in a reactionary mode. Successful entrepreneurs don’t do that, she told us, Louise spends two hours each morning on herself. She doesn’t take any clients until 11 am. By carving out time for herself she is then ready to respond appropriately to the day and all it brings.

Create a Morning Ritual

First, avoid the computer. Instead establish a breathing / meditation / visualisation / prayer / intention setting ritual. Each morning begin the day by asking for what you want and how you want the day to go.

Louise finds time to connect with her three intelligences by running or walking with her dog out in nature. This helps her respond to the day as her best self.

“Be clear on how you want your day to go. We are already programmed with a series of beliefs that we have picked up in childhood and throughout our lives. By visualising how we want our day to go we can put ourselves into a calmer state and reframe what we want to achieve on our own more enlightened terms.”


Abundance in all main life areas: love, health, money.

Louise played us a visualisation recording, with our feet flat on the floor and steady breathing we listened to a recording Miracle Money Meditation to help us visualise wealth. And given a tip that if our mind started to wander to bring it back by concentrate on our breathing or the recording.

Healthy Business Hub event at Brighton & Hove Therapies

Healthy Business Hub event at Brighton & Hove Therapies

Pop-Up Promotion

This event was also made special by a pop-up promotion from experienced makeup artist turned organic skincare business owner.

Glow Organic from Mel Jenkinson

Mel Jenkinson at Brighton and Hove Therapies

Mel Jenkinson at Brighton & Hove Therapies, Healthy Business Hub event

Mel introduced us to her online retail store, Glow Organic with a selection of products that she had brought with her for us to try out. Selling natural organic skincare and body care her range is made up of brands sourced from all over the world, importing from Australia, the US and France. All have been tried and tested by Mel and are made using top quality, natural, organic ingredients.

Glow Organic skincare and makeup at Brighton & Hove Therapies

Glow Organic skincare and makeup at Brighton & Hove Therapies

Join us for the next Healthy Business Hub where connections like this happen every time.

Our next event will be How To Be Your Own Boss and Still Look After Yourself with Lola Hoad on Wed 30 May 2018, 18:00 – 19:30. We’ll be finding out how to avoid burn out when you work for yourself and by yourself. It also looks at why ‘busy doesn’t equal success’, how you can switch off and how you can prioritize self care without feeling guilty. 

Book your ticket at the early bird price of £10 until Wed 25 April 2018  Healthy Business Hub May event .

Words and photos provided by Sarah Agnew, Social Content and Photographer.