The Healthy Business Hub – How to Embrace your Calling with Thea Anderson

Photographs and blog by Sarah Agnew from Modern Bric a Brac.

It takes courage to live your life according to your life purpose, Thea Anderson, Bold Soul Life Coach confided in us as she stood up to share her own triumphs and failures. Helping her clients work out what they really need to lead a truly fulfilling life is Thea’s specialty and she does this by using a combination of NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming), hypnotherapy and life coaching.

The Healthy Business Hub had opened its doors again for a talk to inspire us to take on the challenges we individually need to move forward with our lives. It was the last Wednesday in January and a bold talk to start the year was exactly what we needed.

Thea Anderson’s talk, called Embrace Your Calling interspersed key moments from her own life with thought provoking questions to prompt us to gain insights into how we could embrace our own authentic selves.

Thea began, “I work with creative women to enable them to live out their life’s purpose and do their work in the world. I’m going to be more honest and uncensored than I normally am and share with you the spiritual aspect to my journey as well.

When I was 17 I wanted to know what my life purpose would be and I decided to contact a spiritual guide. I was excited to send off the questions and when the answers came back I have since discovered that three of them would have a long-lasting relevance to me.

These questions were – What University would I go to? When would I meet my soul mate? and What was my purpose? The answers came back recommending Sussex University, which brought me to Brighton and is why I am here now.

The answer to my second question, When would I meet my soul mate? came back a little more obscure. I was told that I was part of a group of women that would go on a journey. This answer made me think it might not happen for quite some time. I was 17 at the time and I didn’t start dating my husband until in my 30’s, so it was again correct.

My final and most important question was about my life’s purpose, to which I was told that I would never feel fulfilled until I helped others reach their potential. I had no idea what this meant at the time. I put the answers away and got on with living and forgot all about it. It was only when I rediscovered these answers many years later that the significance became clear and really resonated.

Thea then asked us to take a moment to consider her first question to us –

What really Matters to you?

Whether it is something that matters for an internal or external reason. She asked us to take a moment to consider that one thing or those things that really matter to us and make a note of them.

Thea continued with her story, “Mine found me as a consequence of the mother of all wake up calls. I had been bouncing from job to job feeling very very unsatisfied and then at 26 years of age an intense job led me to getting sick. I got bugs, viruses and infections one after the other. I got to the point where I’d fall asleep in my car and finally had to give up my job. I was in my 20s and it was a really scary time for me. I just wished I could rejoin society. The Drs diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome, an illness that I know can affect people for the rest of their lives and I was determined that that wasn’t going to be me. With a conviction that mind, body and soul are inter-connected, I thought, there must be a reason for this. It was time to have another spiritual reading and this time it revealed that what I was experiencing burn out.  I was an energy sponge and I needed to start looking after myself.

I had grown up in quite a tricky family and I had spent my life trying to heal my family and instead I had ended up absorbing all their difficulties. I needed to learn how to have boundaries and this was a revelation to me.

I had begun to realise why I had got so sick. In my family I had been the eldest with three younger brothers and a couple of warring parents. My whole nervous system was geared to creating harmony. I played the role of family peace keeper without consideration for my own needs and emotions. I had no idea what my needs were. The illness as terrible as it was was a gift in disguise, it was a call to start to pay attention to myself. So that’s when I realised what mattered to me and also when it started to matter to me to help others and get better myself.

Thea’s next question to us was –

What are your gifts?

What are you good at? Where do you feel appreciated? and How do you make people’s lives better? This doesn’t have to be what you do full time. Whatever it is, it is a passion you can’t ignore.

“I trained in NLP, hypnotherapy and life coaching and I started to pay attention to myself. I learnt how to stay in my body and not in someone else’s, as is revealed by energy work. I had to learn how to help people while maintaining healthy boundaries that prevented me from feeling drained.

I also learnt I was an empath and that when I turned it on I could tune into people’s emotions and also their soul energy. I experienced it like a taste or music or a colour. It’s hard to describe but it’s like a feeling that is always there with a person. Maybe this is the core of a person, maybe it is a culmination of their gifts to the world. Whatever you believe, for me it is a powerful way to reveal where a person’s gifts lie.

When we become adults we feel as if we should have life nailed but actually throughout life we develop new skills all the time.”

Thea now invited us to take part in a small exercise. Thea asked us to choose five words that really sum us up. What’s really important to us. Then we had to imagine squashing all of these qualities together and imagine them turning into a symbol. We closed our eyes and were left to imagine our best qualities merging together and visualising an image to represent these qualities. Our next step was to imagine breathing it in and the feeling getting stronger, we were asked to notice what this felt like and then imagine giving these qualities out into the world.

What are you willing to fight for?

It was our final question. This time Thea wanted us to consider obstacles as part of our life’s path. Obstacles can be a positive force, setting us on the right path or when on the right path they can test our resolve.

Thea ended with a few parting thoughts to consider. If you had more courage what would you do?

Imagine holding a balloon that represents courage and when you hold it you instantly gain in confidence. Now, holding the balloon and consider what would you do with this increased courage?

What three steps would you take to make this happen.

Thea finished her talk by sharing her own positive ending to the trial she had been through. “I got better gradually and have been well for 8 years and it still feels like a miracle.”

Thea Anderson is the co-founder of the Wildfire Women Community and has been an Intuitive Bold Soul Life Coach for the past 10 years. She has a Clinical Diploma in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching and is known for her ability to ‘tune in’ and get to the heart of the matter for her clients. She supports powerful transformation for creative, purpose led women ready to release the inner and outer blocks to making it happen in all areas of their lives.

You can reach Thea at, Twitter: @TheaAndersonUK, Facebook: Thea Anderson UK + Wildfire Women



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