Saturday 3 October 2015What to do when you don’t know what to do

In this blog, Life Coach Alexander shares some of his wisdom on decision-making, making plans and taking action – and how to make the most of the darker months of the year. “I don’t know what I’m meant to do.” Over the years and with so many clients, I’ve heard these words. So often we feel… Read more »

Friday 2 October 2015Back to our roots: Recipes to warm the heart

Summer may be clinging on for a few more days and refusing to leave us just yet, but a chill is definitely returning to the air. With Autumn round the corner our appetites are craving more hearty root-based meals. And since October is the month of Halloween, we thought we’d ask our our Nutritionist Emma to (trick or) treat you to… Read more »

Tuesday 1 September 2015Inspiration and ‘The Fifth Season’

In this blog, Sara (one of our Craniosacral therapists) reveals how you might choose to use this time. Disclaimer: This is one of the longest blogs we’ve ever posted, but we assure you, it’s worth every minute you spend reading it, because (at the risk of sounding like an advert) you’re worth it! You might… Read more »

Atchoo! A hay fever killer combo

Atchoo! Sniff! Streaming eyes! Our Hydrotherm massage therapist Claire has noticed a huge increase in clients with hay fever – she’s even developed it herself in the last two years. In this blog she explains how and why she incorporates marjoram oil into one of her magical upwards-facing massages to blast away your hay fever symptoms… Read more »

Monday 1 June 2015Suffering from gynaecological issues?

Betty joined us at BHTherapies and we’re so glad to have her on the team! She specialises in delivering a holistic and natural treatment to her female patients who are struggling not just with fertility but with gynaecological issues of any kind. In this blog she explains more about what kind of issues her treatments can help with,… Read more »

Tuesday 19 May 2015Craniosacral: Free talk + June offer!

Are you finding that it’s all Craniosacral This and Craniosacral That at the moment?! Wherever we go at the moment, it seems that everyone is talking about Craniosacral Therapy (CST), and all the benefits it can have on health conditions and stress reduction, for babies, children and adults alike. Free Talk So what actually is this mysterious-sounding treatment? And… Read more »