Saturday 1 December 2012Feel beautiful, inside and out (with 25% off!)

Christmas party season is undeniably upon us, and while we’re all about looking after ourselves (and you) from the inside out with all our hands-onand talking therapies, there’s no denying that a little TLC to the outside can work wonders to our confidence and self-esteem. From December, just in time to help make you feel your best… Read more »

Wednesday 31 October 2012The qi of food

Time to start looking at food in a different way? Our Acupuncturist Katy Muncey has this to say: Food, like everything in the universe (according to Chinese philosophy) has an energetic quality to it. I don’t mean the energetic value of the food in the Western sense (i.e. how many calories it contains), but the… Read more »