Suffering from gynaecological issues?

Betty joined us at BHTherapies and we’re so glad to have her on the team! She specialises in delivering a holistic and natural treatment to her female patients who are struggling not just with fertility but with gynaecological issues of any kind. In this blog she explains more about what kind of issues her treatments can help with, and more about her particular approach.

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Many women suffer from gynaecological complaints such as endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, PCOS, blocked fallopian tubes, irregular periods, heavy and painful bleeds, PMS and fertility issues.

Although some find a solution in conventional Western medicine treatments, like medications and surgery, for others these options only offer a temporary relief as the problem soon and often returns. Fixing the symptoms fast with surgery and drugs is not always the answer!

Do you know what the root cause of your problem is? Have you considered a more holistic and natural approach?

Dietary and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies and massage for reproductive health are some of the complementary therapies that can offer effective ways for managing gynaecological disorders. These therapies are holistic as they aim to treat the whole woman (body, mind and spirit) and address the root of the problem rather than just individual symptoms.

An increasingly popular healing therapy among women is Fertility Massage. Despite the name, this is not just for women wishing to conceive but it is also for women who suffer from gynaecological disorders and wish to enhance their reproductive health.

While on a course of Fertility Massage treatment, you will not only receive an abdominal, womb and sacral massage, but you will also receive guidance on tests to assess your reproductive health, nutritional and lifestyle advice, information on herbal remedies and supplements, self-care techniques and emotional support.

To find out more about how Fertility Massage therapy can help you, contact Betty, our Fertility Massage practitioner.