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Energetic Hygiene – What is it and Why is it Vital?

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Introducing our birth worker and holistic bodywork practitioner, Nyssa of The WellNyss Tree to our Blog. Nyssa Craig with her background in the hard sciences retrained as a holistic therapist and now offers a whole range of treatments such as sacred massage and fertility care and a ceremonial Closing of the Bones that she practices at… Read more »

Healing After Miscarriages

One of our massage therapists, Betty, has returned to the B&HT team this month, after being away on maternity leave. We are pleased and proud to welcome her back with open arms! Betty has had a long and difficult journey to motherhood, and she bravely shares her story and her experiences with you here. Please feel free… Read more »

Suffering from gynaecological issues?

Betty joined us at BHTherapies and we’re so glad to have her on the team! She specialises in delivering a holistic and natural treatment to her female patients who are struggling not just with fertility but with gynaecological issues of any kind. In this blog she explains more about what kind of issues her treatments can help with,… Read more »