The Power of Aromatherapy

Claire is our Hydrotherm Massage and Wellbeing Facial practitioner at B&HT. With every treatment, her clients delight in a tailored blend of oils, blended personally for them. Claire became an Aromatherapist in 2001 and has explored the oils ever since. In 2013 she travelled to Northern France with NHR Organic Oils to follow the journey from soil to oil, including distilling her own French Lavender which is maturing in her collection of oils as you read this!

Monday 6th June marks the start of Aromatherapy Awareness Week (now in its 9th year) and so this month Claire celebrates the power of the nose! Mindfulness comes from tapping into our five senses so let’s begin by training one of them…

Smells and aromas are all around us, some capture us, others deter us… and they can be so powerful. Our brains have a rolodex of memories built upon smell and the subsequent response or reaction to it – love it, dislike it or indifferent to it. Our bodies are clever: we have a system called the Olfactory Process whereby aromatic molecules are inhaled, warmed and then dissolve into our mucous and result in electrical impulses to the brain.

So the nose is not only not only the smell but a way of absorption – now that’s clever!

Massage, the power of touch, is another way to deliver Aromatherapy by the use of oils during a treatment, but the absorption is different and is still being explored. Claire believes in the knowledge of the tiny molecular size of most oils giving the potential of greater absorption via the blood stream through the skin, but it’s still an ongoing research topic.

I invite you to enjoy a radiant introduction to Aromatherapy via a Wellbeing Facial, or a Hydrotherm Massage – those of you who have already experienced this will know what I’m talking about! At your next treatment, really take time to deeply inhale the aroma of the oils I blend for you, and notice how the application has an impact on the surface of your skin.

I offer Hydrotherm Massages and Wellbeing Facials to customers suffering a wide range of ailments, stress and many with a history of cancer. I am blown away every time by the impact and benefits of aromatherapy and massage for us all whether it be stress or the extremes of palliative care (which is the theme of this year’s Aromatherapy Awareness Week). If we take the time on our own wellbeing now, maybe just maybe we can reduce illness in our future!

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