Claire Robilliard

Claire is an Aromatherapist who creates bespoke blends of plants through oils to deliver tailor made massages, facials and skincare productsEvery treatment and every product is made bespoke, tailored to the needs of your skin, body, mind and wellbeing.

Claire is a highly intuitive therapist, tailoring treatments to her client’s specific needs, creating personalised treatment plans and incorporating techniques such as breath work and acupressure rather than solely sticking to a strict routine. She is flexible with movements and sequence to deliver an amazing experience.

When you impact your wellbeing, you impact your whole life!

Let’s take a massage session as an example: You make the appointment and look forward to it. Focus on what your body needs, a personalised massage and quiet time. It helps build awareness, allowing you to acknowledge the way you now feel – calmer, less stressed, at ease, without pain, light, an increased range of movement. Walk out of the treatment room with a smile, whether you go home, back to work or on to your next task, you’re going to approach it differently right? Add the right oils, the right products and the right techniques and you’ll experience wonderful results both in the short and long term.

“Yesterday and today was the first morning in months when I’ve woken up without backache which is usually so bad I find myself almost breathless! Already feeling like a new woman!” – Jodie

To contact or book a session with Claire:
Call 07766 000 395 / Click to email / Visit her website