Atchoo! A hay fever killer combo

Atchoo! Sniff! Streaming eyes! Our Hydrotherm massage therapist Claire has noticed a huge increase in clients with hay fever – she’s even developed it herself in the last two years. In this blog she explains how and why she incorporates marjoram oil into one of her magical upwards-facing massages to blast away your hay fever symptoms quicker than your next sneeze. 

It seems that hay fever is striking more people year on year: it has been an additional extra on many of my clients’ consultation forms this year, and I myself (despite having a diagnosis of asthma since the age of four) have never suffered with allergies until briefly last year – and full-on this year!

I’m all for treating the elephant in the room, the main thing on your mind when you’re receiving a massage, even if it’s unspoken. There’s nothing worse than for it to be ignored and you struggle with the disruption of a stuffy nose, tickly throat and sore eyes!

I offer a three-dimensional massage on a system called Hydrotherm that ensures the pressure is off your head from the onset – so no face hole to bung your nose up further! All this pressure on your head will cause strain on your neck so I perform a face, scalp and neck release start to your massage… and there is a little added holistic extra in the form of aroma!

Essential oils are powerful when in the right synergy for you on that day. And as hay fever makes the head heavy and can suddenly fill it with a headache, there is no better oil to help than marjoram, which frees the pressure as its releasing qualities are felt.

Marjoram (origanum majorana) is sweetly herbaceous and much less ‘foody’ than its friends basil, bay and rosemary. It is sourced from France or Egypt at its best.

Sounds good, huh?

Enjoy a 30-minute Hydrotherm massage yourself and see what the fuss is about.  You can visit Claire’s page to book an appointment.