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Cat Rose Introvert Talk


Our latest Healthy Business Hub talk from Cat Rose was wonderful, it focused on how to thrive as an introverted entrepreneur, small business owner or as an employee.  The world can be an overwhelming place when you’re an introvert.

It was fascinating to discover what the traits of an introvert are and I’m sure we can all recognise a few within each of us.  For example, working in open plan offices can lead to being over-stimulated and therefore being much less effective as a worker.  Extroverts are better able to filter out all the distractions, so they thrive in this environment.  However, introverts will struggle to focus, keep energy levels up and to maintain productive levels of work.  In this case, if possible it might be wiser to work from home if you’re an introvert or at least plan to have a few quiet breaks throughout the day where possible.

So how do you tell the difference between introverts and extroverts?  A simple way of distinguishing the difference?  It’s all in how they get their energy.  Extroverts gain energy from people and bouncing ideas with one another, whereas introverts get their energy from quiet time alone and work through ideas alone.
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So how can you thrive in business as an Introvert?

Ask for help.  It can be hard as an introvert, however, asking for help can do wonders for your mental health.  You feel supported and your head is in a better space to make better decisions.  Maybe it’s hard to ask for help directly, you could get the ball rolling with a simple email.  Using email is also a great way to network if you find networking events exhausting.  Whether it’s asking for help on a project or an idea, or thanking someone for writing an article that really helped you.  Starting that conversation via email can open up new networks.

Another way to grow your community could be joining groups on facebook, or taking part in group chats on twitter.  It’s wonderful to have a community around you that is going through the same and understands your goals and struggles.  They can also hold you accountable for tasks you need to get done.

Be aware of what you need and balance your energy accordingly.  For example, don’t book multiple meetings back to back.  Instead, plan out your day and make sure you have breathing space and time to recover between each meeting.  Maybe you assign a number to each task or meeting you have.  So if you’re meeting friends for coffee, this might be a -1, whereas spending the evening alone might be a +1.  Speaking in front of a group could be a -5, so you should aim to do something to bring that number back up.  These numbers are a measure of your energy.  As you gradually start to assign your various tasks and meetings a number, you can use this to plan your week.  The aim of which is to end the week on a positive number, or at least at 0.

Cat’s talk was fascinating and by the end of the talk, we all as a group decided to take the Myers-Briggs personality test to discover our traits and taking the time to figure out how we can work best for our personality.

Our sponsor for the evening was Arbonne, I think everyone rather enjoying testing out the various products and the scent from them was rather wonderful.

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Of course, as with any of our events, it started with us all mingling and ended with us mingling while discussing the various points of the talk.  It was wonderful to see everyone sharing their own experiences and building new relationships.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Cat discussed you can pop over to our Healthy Business Hub group for the resources that were shared.

Tickets for our next event are now live – You’re Nobody’s Tribute Act: The #comparisonfree Masterclass.  Numbers are limited, so make sure you get a ticket while you can!

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