You’re Nobody’s Tribute Act: The #comparisonfree Masterclass

Last week brought to The Healthy Business Hub a warm and funny speaker who began by telling us that she probably had the most niche job title ever. Lucy Sheridan had come to give us a masterclass in going comparison free with her motivational talk called, You’re Nobody’s Tribute Act.


Wading straight in, Lucy talked about how the rise and proliferation of social media had brought with it a whole world of comparison making, which although not a problem for some people, for others has led to self sabotaging behaviour and become a way of remaining small. She explained that feelings of envy, bitterness and jealousy arising from social media may be a little bit of a taboo topic, but that shouldn’t stop us tackling this issue head on. In fact, Lucy reassured us she had struggled herself for many years with unhelpful comparisons.

In her own life a series of events had led her to a Las Vegas level of comparison that culminated in a destructive downward spiral. This left her feeling depleted and unable to take action. It was at this point that she realised her comparison addiction had to stop. She looked at was going on in her life and decided that if she could think herself into this state, she could think herself out of it again too.

She began by looking at how making it in life could be reduced to 5 Facebook updates – got the job, got the partner, got the kids, got the house, got the two holidays, then back to the beginning and start again. Lucy realised that instead of measuring our own success against these goals, actually what each of us wants is more individual than that. Social media had created a barrier to her seeing that and the only way to get back to her essential self was to stop the noise that social media had created.

Lucy told us, “by assessing your own life you can establish where you are right now against your own life priorities. If you focus on social media you can get sucked into a world that shows us a version of a truth not the version of the truth. Although we can all be guilty of curating the best view of our lives we can also step away from that too, if it does not serve us.”

With these thoughts floating around in our heads in amongst some funny anecdotes, we were given a moment to reflect on our own comparison stories. We then looked at what our own triggers were.

Lucy showed us how to look at our comparison demons in a way that could help us identify what it was telling us about the steps we needed to take to follow our own goals.

We were left with a final take away, we were invited to look at our friends on social media as house party guests. Social media should offer us a fun place to visit and we should apply this rule to any person, brand or thing that we follow, if it doesn’t make us feel good, then unfollow or hide. Lucy Sheridan may have the most niche job title out there but she left us feeling that we all need a Comparison Coach in our lives. Click here to check out Lucy’s website

We also had two great pop up promotions for the event, Bex Wickham and Alex Smallman.  Bex brought us a selection of her handmade products from her brand new shop Otto Home, at the back of Flock on Sydney Street, Brighton. She brought with her hand-pressed soaps from Provence, scented bath salts, hammam towels and beautiful booties. Follow Bex on Instagram @ottohomebrighton to find out more.

Meanwhile Alex Smallman was creating a buzz in another room with her amazing and fabulously healthy muffin snacks (they really tasted as good as they looked). There were mini smoothies and energy balls to try, plus Alex was giving one lucky attendee a chance to win 10 personal training sessions with her. Follow Alex on Instagram @alex_smallman for updates on her rebrand.

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