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Written by Áine McGovern from Honestly Social

Having attended the Hub get togethers in the past, it was definitely a whole new experience getting up in front of those that had gathered to hear me talk about getting started in Social Media. Another sold out event with a room full of people too! After a warm welcome from Sophie – the owner of Brighton & Hove Therapies, I had 20 minutes (which ran to 30 minutes) to give as much information as possible.  I’ll give you a few snippets of the talk.

So How Do You Know Where To Start?

The first point of call – Don’t Panic, You Don’t Have To Do It All.  We have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest to name the main platforms.  It can seem very overwhelming if you’ve not had much experience in social media.  So how do you know where to start?  As you’ve likely already done as part of your branding, you’ve thought about your audience.  I want to you create profiles of a few individuals from your audience.  From their habits through to their hair colour if you like.  Are they more likely to use Facebook over Instagram?  If they’re more family and friends focused, they might use Facebook more.  If they keep up with all the latest news and want to keep up with the world, they might be a fan of Twitter.  For lovers of images think Instagram or Pinterest to help drive traffic to your website.  Consider reserving your brand name on all social platforms – even if you don’t intend to use it now, you  may in future!  Get that brand name consistency.


I spent some time explaining how best to reach your audience depending on your product.  For example, a Physiotherapist would demonstrate stretches or warm-ups on Instagram to help build their audience.  Of course, making sure to use all 30 hashtags available on Instagram.  Try to give your social presence a personality, people buy from people after all.  As part of the talk I explained how to build a social strategy, posting at peak times and of course, social media is social – so get online and talk to people, spend a little bit of time engaging with your audience.

There are tools available to help you manage your online accounts – remember you don’t have to do it all at once, gradually build up and grow your accounts as you master each.  I recommended checking out Buffer, TweetDeck – these are great to set up schedules for your social platforms and to follow hashtags.  Canva – this can help you resize images for the various social platforms, Ritetag – to look up hashtags and get ideas for new ones to try out. and Unsplash – for free images to use on blogposts and all platforms.

I am launching a Social Media Course at the end of January 2018, so keep an eye on The Healthy Business Hub Facebook Group for the announcement and of course an Early Bird discount.

Pop Up Promotions



We had two pop up promotions.  From life coach for business, Philippa Levison. Philippa promoted her 60 for 60 programme, a 6-12 month course at £60 per month for Hub attendees. It’s a big package for a small price!








Our second pop up promotion was from Brighton Health & Beauty Hub, both Helen and Sally were demonstrating and providing samples of Tropic Skincare products.  We all smelt wonderful after a visit to their pop up





If you’d like to find out about more of the events happening at The Healthy Business Hub, you can join our Facebook group. Our next Hub guest speaker is Liz Peters with ‘Feel the fear and find the fun with public speaking’.  So join us on 13th December, 6.00pm – 7.30pm  for a festive tipple and an awesome goody bag full of health, vitality and wellbeing treats and discounts.  Buy your ticket.

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  1. Sarah Russell-Davis

    Hi, I’m very interested in Aine McGovern’s social media course. Do you have any more details or are you able to get me in touch with her? Many thanks, Sarah.
    P.S I have booked onto February’s networking evening and really looking forward to meeting you 🙂


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