Nyssa Craig

Nyssa is a Scottish Doula, Placenta Encapsulator, and holistic bodywork practitioner based in Brighton, specialising in Fertility and Rebozo Massage, and Closing of the Bones Ceremonies.

She spent many years working as a medical researcher, before ill-health led to a sharp reassessment of what “health” truly means.

Her personal scientific and research abilities placed her perfectly to be able to fully investigate and treat her own conditions, with this knowledge further utilised in re-training to be able to share such wisdom with others.

With a strong focus on female health and facilitating treatment for those who wouldn’t normally consider it for themselves; she now works passionately with clients to help support them on their individual healing journeys through gentle bodywork, self-nourishment and energetic support.

So often in the allopathic realm, the physical, emotional and intellectual sides of the self are divorced from each other and treated as though each exists in a vacuum.  Nyssa works in an holistic manner – whichever therapy you choose – reinforcing the balance required for truly optimal health.

Nyssa continues to expand her knowledge and training, constantly seeking to add to her existing repertoire of therapies and augment her abilities.

Visit Nyssa’s Etsy shop for digital downloads to empower your womb healing, including The Complete Guide to Womb Self-Care.

To contact or book a session with Nyssa:
Call 07468 572297  / Click to email / Visit her website