Naomi Queree

Naomi retrained as a Complementary Therapist offering Swedish Body Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy as a result of her experience during lockdown. Like many others she re-evaluated her life and realised the crucial importance of emotional and mental wellbeing. She believes that the body is a mirror of the mind and added to the stresses of already busy lives, that the overwhelming feelings of anxiety created by the pandemic were manifesting in an increase of physical unwellness.

Having benefited herself from massage therapy and experiencing first hand or foot! the results of reflexology, Naomi instinctively felt that becoming a therapist and helping others in the same way was the path for her. Her varied careers in bespoke art, sales, customer service and journalism honed her ability to understand and empathise. She works intuitively with clients, creating an easy rapport enabling her to deliver a unique treatment to each person.

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