Maxine Quinn

Maxine is a highly qualified Clinical & Advanced Sports Massage Therapist with a holistic approach to her individual client needs; creating a uniquely tailored massage experience.

Maxine created BEAM therapies to offer different balance, energy, alignment and movement healing techniques. At BEAM no two treatments are the same, as no two clients are ever the same. They may have similar ailments or injuries but will react differently to treatments. Therefore, so as to improve their function, Maxine uses an orthopaedic testing assessment to locate the origin of the pain or injury, before preparing a combination of various techniques to suit each particular client.

Maxine is passionate about helping people rehabilitate from injury and is experienced with helping to provide relief from on-going chronic pain and illness, teaching core strengthening exercises, working through stubborn emotional trauma in scar tissue and many other health conditions.

To contact or book a session with Maxine:
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