Leila Kimiai-Nia

Leila’s passion for helping others on their journey to wellness comes from her own experience with healing. Through her encounters, she understands that optimum health of the mind, body and soul, comes as a result of addressing not only the physical, mental and emotional aspects of ourselves, but also the energetic parts of us too. She understands that most physical ailments often have an emotional root cause, which can be addressed by the energy work she does.

Leila is a Bio-Energy healing practitioner registered with Bi-Aura® International , where she trained and completed a Diploma in Bi-Aura® Therapy. This modality of energy healing is non-invasive, works with the power of chi (also called prana, or life-force energy) and is focused upon balancing the field of energy that makes up the human body. This field is also called the bio-field, the ‘energy body,’ and the ‘aura.’ It is believed that when the body’s bio-field becomes weakened, stressed, or damaged, a reduction of energy flowing into the many complex systems of the body can occur, leading to physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual disturbances and dis-ease.

Leila is trained to detect imbalances and disturbances in the bio-field and to aid the establishment of balance and well-being through a selection of gracefully executed Bi-Aura® techniques. Leila has worked on clients with a range of different physical, mental and emotional ailments and has seen remarkable results. She likes to create a safe space that welcomes the individual to feel at ease and relaxed during treatment and offers ongoing support during and after sessions.

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