Laura Larman

“Laura quickly got to the root cause of my problems. She is very nurturing whilst also being very knowledgeable and down to earth. I felt in safe hands, finally”.

While Laura studied Naturopathy in Australia she worked at Darling Health a renowned women’s health clinic. Assisting the naturopaths here and witnessing many a sad story of loss and pain ignited her interest in working with women to improve their hormonal health.

She became passionate that no woman should have to endure recurrent miscarriages, subfertility, pain, excessive bleeding or distressing emotional symptoms before or during their periods. Symptoms that can impact relationships, the ability to go work, to exercise and to enjoy life to the full.

Through navigating her own chronic health obstacles with autoimmunity over the years and not getting the diagnosis and answers she needed with her doctors Laura turned to Naturopathy. She became fascinated with the ‘why’ and finding the root cause behind ill health to help people. A career in Naturopathy became the perfect fit for a job she truly loves.

Through the conception of her twin boys, an amazing natural birth experience and then breastfeeding her premature babies Laura become even more driven about helping women fall pregnant, carry to full term and have the birth and postnatal experience they deserve.

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