Laura Chaillot

Laura is passionate about everything that can somehow be related to human beings. Before completing a three-year diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition and Naturopathy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, she spent many years studying art, literature, history of religions and gender studies. She has always wanted to know more about what brings people together and how people have been expressing their views, thoughts and feelings throughout history and in the present time. She then turned towards the human body itself, this fascinating machine, to better understand how beautifully made it is, how it functions and how it can be nourished and cared for. She believes our bodies are intelligent, often giving us signs when all is not well, it is our job to pick up on those clues as much as possible. Her role as a registered Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath is to offer natural solutions and practical tools to encourage anyone who would like to support themselves from ill-health or dis-ease, find a healthy balance and a feeling of wellbeing!

Laura offers face to face consultations (or via Skype) in English and French.

To contact or book a session with Laura:
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