Kate and Kris

Reflexologists Kris Botterill and Kate Gowar have together developed Intuitive Alignment, which is unique to their practice and is only offered at Brighton & Hove Therapies.

Intuitive Alignment is a deep, immersive and gentle balancing therapy which offers the client a direct and profound treatment. Kris and Kate work synergistically on the reflex and acupressure points of the feet, hands, face and head in combination with Reiki energy work, effecting a powerful dynamic between the two therapists and the client.

Kris is an intuitive energy worker with extensive training in advanced gentle touch reflexology techniques. Kris combines reflexology and foot reading to build a picture of the client’s physical and emotional health, helping them to reach their full potential.

Kate has accumulated a deep experience of bodywork practice after an eighteen-year career as a dancer, by way of a degree in archaeology and some years as a theatre producer. Kate remains fascinated by the human body. As a dancer she was trained to listen to her body, knowing that when we are in harmony with our body, we are expressive and fluent.

Kris and Kate have a special connection which makes this treatment empathic, nurturing, soul connecting, and effective. Intuitive Alignment can be a catalyst for greater change and development for the client.


Over the course of 5 treatments (ideally a week apart), we offer:
• A confidential and personalised treatment plan that is meaningful and realistic for the client
• A focused consultation with the client to discuss any presenting conditions that require support
• A formulated approach, agreed with the client, to guide the treatment plan
• An optional offer of a scheduled remote Reiki session/s to assist the client in their healing

“… It’s the most amazing holistic treatment I’ve ever had, and at the moment just what I need” – Rebecca Craig

To contact or book a session with Kate and Kris:
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