Julie Harvey

With Julie’s remarkable offering of intuitive insight, Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies you can heal, come back into alignment and live with more integrity. The result –  a life with greater joy, ease and purpose. What’s not to love?!

We experience pain and suffering when we are disconnected from our heart, our purpose and ourselves. To reconnect takes work and the right support. But although it requires commitment, change can be surprisingly rapid, refreshingly straightforward and there’s no obligatory wailing and gnashing of teeth!

Julie has 40 years’ experience of the healing arts. Her own authentic journey to well-being and gifted ability to discern just what’s needed for her clients in any given moment, makes her perfectly placed to support you on your healing journey.  Straight-talking, irreverent and uncommonly gifted, Julie is a revelation and is the go-to therapist for those who want to take charge, make change and live a more heart-led life.

“Julie walks her talk in such a refreshing, genuine and down-to-earth way, I know I’m in good hands.” – Elizabeth

To contact or book a session with Julie:
Call 07394 654236  / Click to email / Visit her website