Jessica McDiarmid

Jessica is fascinated by anatomy, physiology and neuroscience. She honours the age old knowledge that soothing human touch can be immensely beneficial, whilst prioritising up-to-date biological understandings of the body.

She will collaborate with you to ensure that your session is tailored to your individual needs, focused on your goals, and driven by her passion: to help people feel better.

Trained in Sports & Remedial massage, Jessica initially practised a robust style of massage therapy working to rehabilitate, restore and revive aching tissues. As her practice progressed, she complimented this biological knowledge with a holistic approach to bodywork, recognising the importance of treating the person as opposed to focusing solely on the symptoms. This, combined with her enthusiasm for understanding the science of pain and the important role played by the nervous system, all serves to help better manage pain, and ideally reduce it.

When we understand how the body’s various systems work in unison we are far better placed to bring about those vital opportunities for sublime reflection and relief. This is where the joy of massage lies.

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