Ieva Gribuste

Ieva is a chiropractor working in the Brighton and Shoreham area. She is passionate about educating clients on how they can reach their full health potential not only through chiropractic, but also through stress management and reduction of the toxic burden the modern world often brings. Ieva uses a diversified chiropractic technique, which includes manual adjustments and/or an activator use.

She works with acute and chronic clients and enjoys a good chat with everyone. There is always a chance for you to go over any worries and questions you might have regarding your care before starting the treatment. Ieva has worked with extremely anxious clients (as well as extremely chilled ones) and adapts to the pressure and skills needed.

She has a particular interest in temporomandibular disorders (jaw issues), headaches and migraines, however, is always happy to see anyone seeking care.

To contact or book a session with Ieva:
Call 07471 394245 / Click to email / Visit her websiteVisit her on Instagram / Visit her on TikTok