Hannah West

As a soft tissue therapist, Hannah offers massage therapy to both sporting and non-sporting clients, as well as pregnant and postnatal women. Each and every session is tailormade for you, your injury and your aches and pains. Her first priority is always to deal with pain reduction by treating the affected muscles. The core of Hannah’s treatment, however, is dealing with the body as a whole and correcting any postural issues and imbalances that may be causing you discomfort. This helps maintain your pain relief and enables you to live, work and train happily and more effectively.

Hannah is adept at treating any issues relating to soft tissue, but specialises in:

Pregnant and postnatal women who are suffering pains and issues that relate to pregnancy and childbirth to help restore their bodies back to optimal health.

Physically active men and women who want to improve their performance, prevent injury and reduce muscular aches through regular massage treatment. Even if you are starting out with your first 5km this is for you.

Desk workers and professionals who want to alleviate and rectify the strains that long periods in an office environment can place on their bodies.

As a keen skier, runner and lover of all things health and fitness, Hannah first discovered the effectiveness of soft tissue therapy for herself after she suffered her own ski injuries. Inspired by her experience, she trained at the prestigious North London School of Sports Massage and graduated with the highest level in the profession. Following this, Hannah trained with Burrell Education, one of the UK’s leading-edge educators in massage and fitness for pregnant, postnatal and 3rd age (peri to postmenopausal) women to enable her to use her expertise in these areas as well. She continues to expand her knowledge and skills through regular courses and conferences.

When not massaging or working out, Hannah can be found hanging out in Brighton with her two boys Caspar and Otis.

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Hannah offers Sports, Wellbeing, Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage Therapy.


60 mins for £65 / 90 mins for £90

(Pregnancy/postnatal massages need to be 90 minutes for your first session)

To contact or book a session with Hannah:
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