George Kelly

George is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist who aims to provide a warm, confidential, and safe space to help clients explore their difficulties and develop coping strategies to move forwards. Having spent most of their career working with the NHS providing group and individual therapy they have made the move to private practice this year, and they are excited to bring their blend of CBT, DBT, and compassion-focused talking therapies to Brighton & Hove Therapies.

George is committed to providing person-centred and inclusive care. As a neurodivergent person and member of the LBGT+ community themself, they are aware of the importance of considering each person’s unique story and works with clients to find strategies that work for them without judgement or expectations. George provides trauma-informed care that can help with a range of difficulties including depression, anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, trauma and more. Finding the right therapist can feel like a mysterious process so please feel free to get in contact for more information or specific queries and George will do their best to help.

To contact or book a session with George:
Call 07714 421 836 / Click to email / Visit their website