Brighitta Moser-Clark

Brighitta is a Reiki Teacher and Sonic Therapist with eighteen years of experience. With a warm heart and grounded approach, she guides her clients to discover who they truly are through deeply healing experiences. Her first book, The Reiki Way, was published in 2021.

Brighitta specialises in creating a sacred space for you to explore your inner Self, in support of your unique journey. Her sessions provide an experience of profound relaxation, a shift in energy, and the welcomed return of your True Self. She carries a sensitive understanding of the correlation between the energy body and its reflection through life circumstances, translating these codes to support her clients as they connect the dots to illuminate the root cause of any presenting imbalances – whether physical, emotional, or manifest in their current experience.

She offers one-to-one healing sessions, professional Reiki training, crystal alchemy sound baths, community gatherings, retreats, and more.

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