Betty Mezzarano

Betty is a trauma-informed Women’s Health and Fertility Therapist who supports women on their fertility journey, whatever stage they are at and whatever route they choose. She helps them reach an optimal mind-body state that enhances reproductive health, the chance of conception, of a healthy pregnancy, and empowers them to take the next step forward on their journey to parenthood.

People on a difficult fertility journey often experience feelings of guilt, failure, anxiety, grief, loss and recurrent unhealthy thoughts which affect mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. This in turn can impact on your reproductive health. Betty offers a safe and nurturing space where you can let go of your emotional weight, solve negative beliefs, reconnect to your body and reach mind-body wholeness. Thus enhancing your reproductive health.

Betty supports women who are:

  • planning for natural conception
  • opting for assisted treatments (IUI, IVF, egg/sperm donor, surrogacy)
  • suffering from gynaecological problems
  • recovering from pregnancy loss
  • struggling with the emotional distress of their journey
  • and women who want to feel whole again

By blending together a variety of techniques and modalities, including massage and coaching, she creates a personalized treatment plan that meets the needs and the unique circumstances of each client.

To contact or book a session with Betty:
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