Beccy Guildford

Beccy began exploring the movement of energy from a young age when she started to notice the subtle, subconscious interactions between people and their environment. She went on to train in dance, massage, bodywork therapy and healing techniques, and trained to Master level in Reiki in 1992.

Beccy offers a well-rounded approach to healing. Her studies and enthusiasm for life are infused in her approach, making what she offers completely unique but with its roots in solid, tried and tested techniques.

As a Reiki master, and using techniques rooted in ancient samurai movements learnt through her SEMKA Karate training, Beccy encourages healing in her clients by unblocking stuck or stagnant energy, and creating pathways for energy, blood, breath and other systems of the body to flow freely.

Beccy is also passionate about bringing the benefits of Spiral Stabilization (SPS) to Brighton (she is currently the only practitioner of this therapy working south of London) and believes that through combining Reiki and SPS, clients can be guided to find inner wellbeing, and to live a freer and more fulfilling life.

To contact or book a session with Beccy:
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