Alexander Butler

Alexander is an experienced and inspiring Life Coach. He specializes in helping open-minded people create lives of freedom, power, vitality and adventure.

Alexander began by training as a philosopher and has now spent 15 passionate years learning every possible aspect of humanity: our minds, hearts, bodies and spirits. Spinning with sufis and dancing with shamans has been just as important as learning from academics. At Embercombe in Devon he received practical, hands-on training as a coach and mentor, taking a role as lead coach on their extraordinary year-long apprenticeship programme. He has now spent hundreds of hours with people on journeys of awakening, growth and discovery.

He is dedicated to using all of his skills, experience and training in supporting his clients as they face the huge challenges of their lives, helping them to find the skills and courage to make real breakthroughs and transform their lives.

To contact or book a session with Alexander:
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