Alan Philip Williams

After qualifying as a reflexologist in 2014 with the Reflexology Academy, Alan was based on Harley Street and in South Kensington at the Evolve Wellness Centre. Being keen to further developing his skills as an Holistic Practitioner, and interested in discovering new approaches in health maintenance, pain management and emotional empowerment; Alan studied Somatic Coaching and completed the Pantarei Approach Course in Berlin.

Alan’s somatic coaching sessions are based on helping clients deal with chronic conditions that are being experienced, his goal is to then provide useful solutions in learning how to overcome these stressors so that you can live a more full and joyful life without being brought down with old pain. For him it’s a gift and a pleasure to be able to work with people in developing their lives the way they see fit and also just helping people relax and feel comfort in themselves after each session.

To contact or book a session with Alan:
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