Soul Plan Reading

What is Soul Plan Reading?

The Soul Plan system is a modern method of life purpose analysis based upon ancient Hebrew text and numerology.

A Soul Plan can essentially be understood as an underlying blueprint that contains useful information relevant to the talents, goals and challenges that you may have in both the worldly and spiritual domains of your life.

What can Soul Plan Reading be used for?

A Soul Plan reading can be used to reveal significant information regarding your overall life purpose and potential.  It is designed to help you best understand how your inherent talents may be used to overcome your challenges and reach your goals.

What are the benefits of Soul Plan Reading therapy?

  • a deeper, more profound understanding of self
  • insight regarding personal preferences, tendencies, and patterns
  • emotional / mental / spiritual clarity
  • a heightened sense of awareness and connection
  • increased self-acceptance and the release of judgemental / limiting beliefs

Who is Soul Plan Reading therapy good for?

A Soul Plan reading will be helpful to anyone who is seeking a more complete understanding of their overall life purpose and/or looking for ways to actualize their highest potential.  This is a therapeutic modality that is best suited for anyone intending to grow and evolve into a heightened state of awareness.

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