Rebozo Massage

What is Rebozo Massage?

A gentle, nourishing massage utilising lengths of fabric rather than hands, invoking the memory of being rocked as a baby, and nurturing a feeling of security, allowing the body to fully relax.

What can Rebozo Massage be used for?

It can be used by anyone for pain or tightness anywhere in the body, or simply as a quicker, less intensive mode of massage.

What are the benefits of Rebozo Massage?

It is an ancient means of muscle manipulation and relaxation, which initiates an unfamiliarly deep ability for muscles, fascia and joints to release. By supporting the body with the means of manipulation, clients are able to delve deeper into a meditative state, augmenting their own healing.

Who is Rebozo Massage good for?

It can be particularly helpful for those with chronic pain conditions, or an unwillingness to be touched, but is beneficial for anyone. It may be of particular use to those with little time for self-care such as massage, as it is performed without the need to undress.

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