Pilates One 2 One

What is Pilates One 2 One?


After a thorough consultation your instructor will take you through a series of Pilates exercises to asses bodily strengths and weaknesses, taking into account a pupil’s fitness goals which can be anything from being pain-free to a complete core-strength and flexibility programme.
Your instructor will then devise and develop a unique series of Pilates exercises which can be performed alone at home; introduced into an ongoing fitness goal or as an ongoing One 2 One with your instructor.
Time and finances are always taken into consideration as Pilates should be available to everyone.

What can it be used for?

Pilates was initially used as rehabilitation exercises and it’s true that we still use a lot of the method in Physiotherapy treatments. It focuses mainly on attaining excellent core-strength to tone, as well as to stretch and strengthen the whole body. Strong abdominals are always desirable!
Pilates is wonderful for full-body flexibility without having to contort the body into unnatural positions. It is used by many top athletes and performers.

What are the benefits of this therapy?


  • Strong, flexible and toned muscles
  • Rehabilitation and prevention of injuries
  • Stress relief
  • Breathing problems ie asthma
  • Help to lower blood pressure
  • Back pain
  • Rehabilitation from surgery (after consultation)
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Pre and Post natal support

Who is this therapy good for?


Pilates is for everybody. Nearly anyone can benefit from starting a Pilates routine.
It’s gentle enough to be used in pregnancy and after surgery (after a complete assessment).
Pilates is used by top tennis players and athletes and dancers. It can be used to help address all types of musculoskeletal pain and problems. The unique nature of Pilates breath-work also means this therapy can assist with breathing problems and is excellent for stress relief and relaxation.
Julie Crocker specialises in rehabilitation exercises for breast cancer patients. Julie is an accredited Pilates Instructor and has been teaching classes, courses, events and One 2 One for over 20 years as remedial exercise to a varied group of pupils from recovery of musculoskeletal pain and injury to pupils who just wish to build bodily strength, flexibility and tone.

Pilates is THE go-to routine for strong and flat abdominals too!

Julie charges £50.00 for initial One 2 One
Courses are £70.00 for a six week course
Julie also offers Events, which are priced upon application

For more information or to book your appointment, contact Julie.