Pantarei Approach

What is Pantarei Approach?

The Pantarei Approach is a hands-on bodywork process that is based on having six sessions to focus on an important area of the client’s life that they wish to change, and then taking the new skills and abilities learned to use in the outside world.

What can Pantarei Approach be used for?

It can be used for basically anything that the client focuses on, whether that be to help deal with chronic conditions, to let emotions be experienced, gain new energy, or create a sense of lightness and clarity of purpose within themselves.

What are the benefits of Pantarei Approach?

The benefits are living more of the life that the client wishes to live, and with a deep sense of what it means for them to be who they are.  With these benefits, they have more strenth to tackle the obstacles that are currently in their lives, or have been held with them for years.

Who is Pantarei Approach good for?

Those who have an interest in self-development and growth.

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