Closing of the Bones Ceremonies

What is a Closing of the Bones Ceremony?

Traditionally performed in the post-natal period to close the circle of birth; the Closing of the Bones Ceremony typically honours the drawing to a close of the journey of pregnancy and birth, and occasions the beginning of the journey into motherhood. It also marks significant life-events such as birth, menarche, menopause, marriage, etc, and supports the body and soul in a physical and spiritual healing.

What can a Closing of the Bones Ceremony be used for?

It can be used to support recovery after childbirth, to mark significant life events, and to support the body through transitional times.

What are the benefits of a Closing of the Bones Ceremony?

Combining as it does massage – particularly of the womb and sacrum – rebozo massage and hip-sealing, pulsing, and spiritual healing; this treatment honours the enormous journey the mother has undergone. It heals on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level; leaving the mother revitalised, nourished, and fully embodied as she begins her new journey through motherhood.

Who is a Closing of the Bones Ceremony good for?

This therapy is of particular benefit to new mothers, but is not confined to them. People who birthed many years ago, those undergoing menarche or menopause, those who have experienced miscarriage or abortion, or indeed anyone undergoing a major change in life; can all find comfort and healing in this beautiful ceremony.

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