Energetic Hygiene – What is it and Why is it Vital?

Introducing our birth worker and holistic bodywork practitioner, Nyssa of The WellNyss Tree to our Blog. Nyssa Craig with her background in the hard sciences retrained as a holistic therapist and now offers a whole range of treatments such as sacred massage and fertility care and a ceremonial Closing of the Bones that she practices at the Brighton & Hove Therapy clinic. In this post Nyssa explains the term energetic hygiene and how you can tap into this practice.


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We all know the old adages about “spreading joy one person at a time” – smile at the bus driver and he’ll be kind to an elderly lady, who will help a toddler, and so on, and so on. But have you ever considered the inverse? How many times in a day do you carry forward and spread NEGATIVE energy completely accidentally?

I had never fully considered the impact and extent of this phenomenon until I retrained and began my own Doula and Holistic Therapy business. Not only is it good practice to include this as part of your working day in this field – it becomes absolutely vital very quickly, contributing as it so often does to the high rates of burnout in therapeutic professions.

When we are working so deeply with someone – whether that be in the birth space as their Doula, carefully preserving their precious placenta, working deep into their womb on a journey of conception, or helping to unpick pain and injury via massage; we become intimately interlinked with our client. It’s necessary to really augment this link to maximise our therapeutic relationship…but it also leaves us inextricably intertwined with these clients, and that’s neither healthy for us nor them.

This can be experienced in as many different ways as there are different humans in the world, but for me personally, it expresses as both a mental “fog”, whereby I’m “out of it”, unable to immerse myself in other tasks or people; and as a very physical pull of strong vine-like bonds, dragging me back to the person and our time together. You may recognise some of that feeling yourself, or perhaps it is conveyed entirely differently within your body.


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The solution is excellent energetic hygiene, in precisely the same way as we practice excellent personal and surface hygiene to protect our clients. For me, this means opening up and closing down each client session with pure intention. I take a few seconds before the start of each session, whether that’s a massage, a birth, or anything in between; and allow myself to leave everything that doesn’t relate to the session at hand at the threshold. I take no frustrations, upsets, excitements, or anything else into the room with me, and perform a brief physical ritual to signify this. I then repeat the process at the end of the session to close down and leave anything from the session there where it belongs.

But here’s my more recent discovery – broadening this out and applying it in more contexts has
phenomenally beneficial effects! By being clear about our intention and not dragging energies from one activity or person to the next, we can start each new thing afresh. By shutting down the horrible bus journey I had, I don’t take that negativity into my evening with my partner. It doesn’t mean I’ll forget about it, or won’t tell a funny story about it so we can laugh together; but what it does mean, is that the frustration and anger or that bus journey has been dissipated, and doesn’t carry over into my relationship with my partner.

And you can do it as much as you like! Testing and trying to see if you can spot the benefits.
I truly believe that this tiny little action could revolutionise the way we as humans interact and relate to each other. Imagine if you were truly communicating with someone, and not with their sadness at something that happened to them hours before – how different could our movement through the world be?

So! You think this sounds great – how do you get started? Well, it’s as simple as wanting to. That’s the great thing about energetic work – it’s utterly and completely personal, so what feels best for you is what will work best for you! I personally utilise the practice I was trained in as a Fertility Massage practitioner, as it has always resonated so strongly with me, but even that has altered as I grow and change. So pick something you’ve seen and liked before, or make up a brand new ritual that’s all your own! But make it small, simple, meaningful, and not necessitating any equipment, just yourself; so that you will remember to use it regularly.

Nothing fancy – just you, your intentions, and a world of positive energy to share!


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~ Credit: Unsplash image @candidbcolette ~

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