Covid-19 Update

How to book an appointment

You can book your treatment directly with your therapist by navigating to his or her page on our website:

Your therapist will take care of the booking details and confirm the day and time with you directly.

Each therapist has their own pre-treatment screening process which they will share with you when you book.

On arrival at the clinic

We don’t have a waiting area at the clinic at this time and a few changes have been made to how we welcome our customers:

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you arrive early, please wait outside the clinic at a safe distance
  • Your therapist will come and let you in at the time of your appointment
  • Please wear your face covering when entering the clinic
  • Please sanitise your hands using the elbow pump when you enter
  • Please maintain a safe 2m from others while in the common areas

We ask that you attend your appointment alone unless a chaperone or essential carer is needed and that you bring your own full water bottle with you as refreshments can’t be provided at this time.

Our Treatment Rooms

The treatment rooms are thoroughly sanitised and ventilated before and after each client. We have increased the time between appointments to allow for this.

Cushions and soft furnishings have been removed from the clinic and couch roll is used as standard practice.

If you need to undress for your treatment, a plastic lidded box is provided for you to place your clothes and belongings.

The treatment table will have been thoroughly disinfected before your appointment and all linens that are provided will be clean and safely removed after each client.

Your appointment

Once in the treatment room, your therapist will explain any changes to your treatment.

When the treatment is over please leave the couch roll and any linens on the table. Please dress and wash or sanitise your hands before leaving the treatment room.

Your therapist will discuss with you how payment is taken. This might be via bank transfer or by card as we are minimising the use of cash at the clinic.

Our Therapists

Therapists are following government guidance and their own professional guidelines to minimise risk by:

  • Following instructions on social distancing
  • Wearing PPE as guided when treating clients
  • Taking their temperatures and not coming into work if feeling unwell or showing any potential symptoms of Covid-19
  • Following any instructions to self-isolate if displaying symptoms or advised by an NHS Tracker


Can I get a hot drink during my appointment?

We’re sorry but our therapists cannot offer any refreshments at this time. Please bring your own drinks bottle with you to your appointment.

Can my family member wait on the premises while I have my treatment?

Unfortunately, not. Unless you need an essential carer, you must attend your appointment on your own.

How do I pay?

Upon booking, your therapists will advise you on their preferred payment method. We have recommended contactless or advance payments via bank transfer whenever possible and we discourage the handling of cash.

Can I use the toilet at the clinic?

We have a toilet which you may use during your visit. This will be cleaned regularly and we ask you to thoroughly wash your hands before exiting.

What do I do if I’m running late or have to cancel my appointment?

Please contact your therapist directly if you are going to be late for your appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment please refer to your therapist’s own cancellation policy.