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Master Your Mindset

BHT Healthy Business Hub

Upcoming hub meetup on Wednesday 29th March at 6pm. Our Guest Speaker this month is Raghav Parkash.  A Peak Performance Coach who helps driven people hungry for change, to reach the very best, happiest and fulfilled versions of themselves. Come along to learn Raghav’s powerful four-step framework you can use to tap into and harness and… Read more »

Running a Heart-led Business & Avoiding Burnout

First Healthy Business Hub

  It has only been a few weeks since our first ever Healthy Business Hub gathering.  We were lucky enough to have a local business coach  Ebonie Allard give a talk on how to run a heart-led business and avoid burnout and breakdown.  Ebonie has helped creative entrepreneurs choose curiosity over fear, and reframe uncertainty.  I can honestly… Read more »