The Healthy Business Hub – The Power of Storytelling

At last month’s Healthy Business Hub we had a night of inspirational storytelling. To introduce us to storytelling for business we had a talk from Kate Taylor and to perfectly complement this we had a pop up promotion from visual storyteller Sophie Sheinwald with Guest Host and Aromatherapist Claire Robilliard sharing her own successes of business storytelling on Facebook Live.

Back to the main event and a talk from Kate Taylor, who also runs day and weekly retreats that offer meditation, qoya and Kundalini yoga. Kate began by sharing a story that from the outset was evidently close to heart. As her voice wavered a little my only thought was of how honest she was being with us. It was the story of a man’s illness, his wife’s devotion and of her own death. It was impossible not to feel moved when Kate shared that this story was about her parents. It had clearly affected everyone in the room as the hub made audible sounds of sympathy. This was Kate’s powerful introduction into how effective storytelling can be.

The other point Kate wanted to make was that life is for living and to urge us not to put our dreams on hold. This event in Kate’s life had been the driver for to stop putting her own life on hold and now she wants to use her coaching skills to empower others and help them tap into their essential selves.

Kate explained that her approach was to work one to one with clients and by doing so enable them to find out who they really are. She challenged us to look at our own stories and analyse which of the stories that we tell ourselves are empowering and crucially which ones are holding us back. By looking at our own stories we can define who we are, what motivates us and make sense of what we are doing.

Revealing even more about herself Kate told us that she also works as a Celebrant, she is there to witness one of the most significant days in many people’s lives. She told us smiling, “I love celebrating stories. As human beings we’ve got so many stories that connect us.”

“As old as time, we have always used stories to relay messages and they connect hearts and minds.” Kate explained how the story she had told us had made a connection between her and us. It’s the ‘yeah, that’s me’ factor. That’s what we as customers are looking for. We’re looking for that ‘me too’ factor. Kate explained that this is how big brands operate, they create a philosophy that their customers want to buy into.

To help us on our storytelling journeys Kate gave us some useful threads to follow. For reading, she suggested Start with Why by Simon Sinek, as well as recommending the inspirational Ted Talks of Brene Brown.

By starting with your back story you are giving your business purpose and meaning. We all want to buy that which is heartfelt. It also puts you above those of your competitors that don’t. When you share a story you are creating an energy strand that runs between you and the recipient. Kate told us, “If, as a coach I’m sharing stories of motivation and empowerment, you’ll feel it too.”

Stories in business are your content strategy, visual message, Facebook post and more. You can also tell stories about your clients. Start with your Y, write out your life story and play around with it, there’ll be something that connects the dots.

Kate asked us to look at what we stand for in the world and then told us that once we share that message there’ll be someone who will want to connect with that.

Kate’s final message was to encourage us not to worry about being vulnerable, not to be apologetic about sharing our story because that’s what keeps us small. Everyone’s story is interesting and we had certainly thought so of Kate’s. Click here to check out Kate’s website

We also had a chance to chat to pop up promotion Sophie Sheinwald. Sophie invited everyone attending to leave a business card with her and she would choose one to offer a free visual story mapping session. This process enables Sophie to reveal an individual’s potential visual story. Meanwhile she had brought a short slide-show to illustrate the outcome of some previous photo shoots and her photos were warm and captivating. Follow Sophie on Facebook at @Sophie.Sheinwald.Photography to find out more.


Our guest host Claire Robilliard had brought along for the evening a set of aromatherapy rollerballs that she had blended. Each had been created to send messages of calm, focus, energy or bring balance to our emotions. Find out more and follow Claire on Twitter @ClaireWellbeing.

Thanks so much for joining us, the Healthy Business Hub will now be taking a short break over the summer and plans to resume in the autumn. Get in touch if you’d like to be the next inspirational speaker or pop up promotion, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at

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